domingo, 2 de março de 2014


poetry doesn't save you from being hit by a ship at main avenue, you know that. this thought always comes to me when i realize that i've only poetry. poetry can save me from what? "so many things" you said.
Ben, i see myself less lost now cause i wrote down what i really wanna do, but i'm so fucking alone. this cold paralyzes me. would be nice to sleep on your hand. there's a part of the day that we could meet on subway? i take colorful cake.
the similarity between 'forget' and 'forgive' is a knife in my mind. can i forget or forgive you? kiss or kill? would make me less sad forget, but all societies are inundated with things that they can't forget. East and West have many things in common and one of them is being hit by a ship at main avenue because they can't forgive. i wanna be able to forgive. forgive myself.
uhh, i've seen your new life. this guitar on the corner says a lot. write a song that plays on my radio tuesday night.
when the bus park, i'll smile to you.


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