sábado, 8 de fevereiro de 2014

i’m here, right now, at 5 am, to say that i miss you. that i really fucking miss you. to say that if i loved someone with my heart and soul in those 15 years old, this person were you, and this i know for sure. were and still are you. because anyone else could make me cry and laugh ate same time because of a word. cause anyone else could make me write like you do. cause anyone else could make me feel like you do. and what im doing right now means a lot, you know that. i wouldnt write for someone at this time (and in my situation) if wasnt true like our love is.
yep: o u r love.
im fool enough to think that i know who you are and i know you love me: you always said that with your eyes and creep words.
please, take my message and come back home to say that everything is not ok so i can breathe again.

larissa usanovich

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