quarta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2014

for the one who called me angela

i dreamed with you awhile ago. was a dream that hurt me. i sought you in every corner, the whole dream i sought, sought, sought and not find you, no way
so i woke up and cried
i cried with all my heart because sadly i knew that was the truth
we'll not meet again

damn, you sucked my energy so many times and i hated you so many nights
you destroyed the few flowers in my garden and yet i continued admiring your self-destructive mind
i never got to write about it, these words are stuck inside me, was hard to get over you
but now i do

hope you have a beautiful life, just like your voice
care for your demons: don't devour them, don't let them devour you
you smell like those who live in hell anyway

i can let you go and
let me go

i'm falling
but it sounds like i'm flying

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  1. "hope you have a beautiful life, just like your voice" puta que pariu.